The website has been in existence now for a few years and we have helped and supported a significant number of people with TMAU. Our hope is that we can continue to do this for many years to come.

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Welcome to the TMAU support website.

Bringing together people who have Trimethylaminuria , their families, friends and healthcare professionals in a positive, caring and supportive environment. 

The Skinny ;

Think you might have TMAU?:
Read the below article 'What is TMAU' and then follow the link to 'Getting Tested'. It may help to print off those documents as most GP's have never heard of TMAU.

Healthcare Professionals:
The 'What is TMAU' article is by N. Manning, Principal Clinical Scientist, Sheffield Children's Hospital and gives a concise explanation of TMAU. The 'FAQs / Expert Interviews' include more detailed explanations of TMAU (including an interview with Dr Lachmnann, the UK clinical expert on TMAU).  'Getting Tested' has also been produced by Mr Manning and includes all the info you should need to get a patient tested. Mr Manning is always happy to give advice to GP's with respect to arranging testing etc.

finding out about TMAU can be a steep learning curve, there is lots of info on the main site and also on the forum. The search facility on the forum is very useful.

Finally - Please donate if you have found this website useful, any amount is greatly appreciated and will help to cover website hosting and development and allow us to continue supporting people who have TMAU


What is TMAU ??

Trimethylaminuria (TMAU), also known as fish odour syndrome or fish malodour syndrome is a rare metabolic disorder where the body loses the ability to properly breakdown timethylamine (TMA) found in certain foods into timethylamine oxide (TMAO)

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Visit the Forum

Congregate, share and chat.

Don't be shy !!, use the forum to share your experiences with others and find out how others deal with TMAU.
We have TMAU experts answering questions on the forum and there is a wealth of information and support available.

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