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Postby Donald » Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:19 pm

Hi, Folks,

I got my results back from my test the other day. TMA 31.3 and TMA-n-Oxide 185.2 giving a ratio of 0.17, hence TMAU2. Does that mean that I can now put the letters T.M.A.U. after my name, so that people might think I am intelligent.

The test was taken at a time when the smell was pretty much minimal. If it had been taken in the summer when it was puitrid, I guess the outcome would have been much more impressive. I only managed to get it done in the first place by presenting my GP with the information I had gathered from this website, and this is not altogether the best way to endear yourself to your GP. It was a locum who sent away the first sample, and didn't bother to say what he was looking for, so the test came back as all clear, a fact which my GP took delight in informing me. I sent the results to Dr Lachmann, and he said they had tested for the wrong chemicals. I asked for a retest, and the result was as above.

It is a pretty serious matter when the only way we can get any satisfaction is through our own research. I am almost grateful to have this condition, so that I can honestly say that I am not paranoid and resisting the GP's claims that there is no problem. I hope the Channel 4 programme, when it goes out, does much to publicise TMAU, because it is clear that I am not the only one to have experienced difficulty convincing my GP that the condition exists.

I have another test to undergo in a fortnight or so, when the current course of Amoxicillin has been completed. I will post the results of that in due course. Meantime, keep pressing on if you are facing difficulties getting diagnosed, and insist that it is done through the National Health.

My thanks go to Dr Manning and Dr Lachmann for their help.

Best wishes.

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Re: Results

Postby smelly » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:11 pm

Wey hey!

Great result Donald. I know it seems sick celebrating a diagnosis of a disease, but at least now you can get the treatment and theres a possible end in sight.

Made up for you! :mrgreen:
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