Alflorex is turning my life around

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Alflorex is turning my life around

Postby coffeebean » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:03 pm

Hi everyone

I just wanted to share a treatment that I believe is helping me tremendously. Although my TMAU tests came back negative, I have been suffering from intermittent fecal body odour for years now and Dr Lachmann’s team continue to believe my symptoms are related to TMAU.

In July I took a week’s course of antibiotics while I went on holiday for some mental relief. As soon as I came home I started on a new course of probiotics, bought off Amazon. They are Alflorex and designed primarily for people with IBS. I have taken them religiously and have seen a big improvement in my symptoms.

Before, I couldn’t bear to eat out in case my symptoms struck - or if I did, I’d have to leave as soon as we’d finished eating. In the last couple of months I’ve been out for meals and not had a single comment or sniff from anyone around me and my family and friends all tell me they can’t smell anything. My confidence is gradually increasing and at the weekends I’ll eat foods I never would have done before (cheese on toast for example). I always had to stick to porridge made with oat milk to make sure I wouldn’t have an attack and whilst I still stick to this religiously on days I’m at work, it’s such a relief not to at the weekends.

Yesterday I even went out after eating egg which was scary but again, not a single comment or reaction! I honestly believe the probiotics have changed my life around - I’m not saying I’m 100% cured and would still never eat known trigger foods like avocado before I go out - but my confidence and mental health are so much better.

I wanted to share in case it gives anyone else the relief I’m lucky enough to have had xx
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Re: Alflorex is turning my life around

Postby Kingkong949 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 12:43 pm

How long did it take before the probiotics began to work?
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