MPs discussing M.E. ... could be TMAU someday

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MPs discussing M.E. ... could be TMAU someday

Postby PoetFire » Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:28 pm

MP's from all parties seem to have knowledge and sympathy about M.E.
Moreso than Drs, NHS etc.

Early June 2018 ... a cross-party group lobby for a M.E. debate
MP's : Nicky Morgan, Steve Pound(?) (Tories), Carol Monaghan SNP, Labour guy

Late June 2018 debate on M.E.
(many MPs including DUP)

Im surprised how informed and sympathetic they are on M.E., including no respect for 'experts'.

Someday this could be a MP debate on TMAU, Metabolic Body Odour ....

Possible strategies for TMAU / Metabolic BO:
Write to own MP about it .... this is a lottery, but sometimes people win lotteries.
Write to 1 or more of the MPs at the M.E. debate .... they seem sympathetic to 'low-grade' health disorder 'lost causes'.

NHS won't do anything about TMAU, met-BO.
It will need to be oredered to from outside (e.g. MPs)
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