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So confused

Postby desorientado » Thu May 31, 2018 12:08 am

My life was normal and odorless until my 19s when I was at my first college year struggling lots of stress. My university life was a disaster since I didn’t sleep well, ate garbage foods, etc. Nowadays i’m 25 and have been suffering from chronic halitosis all these years. At beginning it was only oral, but a little later the smell was present in my breathing too. I have notice that the smell comes when I make an involuntary movement down my throat, mainly from my nose because I don’t talk that much. Right now I’m really depressed and isolated because getting reactions from people have affected me so much. This year I discovered this condition called TMAU, and I’m doubting if I have it. I can’t smell any other body odor different from my deodorant or the typical armpit that I can get rid off with deodorant. My urine rarely smell, but typical urine smell.
I’ve been searching other source to my problem since I have other symptoms like white/yellow coating tongue, reflux, gastritis, sinusitis, ear infection, fatigue, lack of concentration, bad memory, anxiety, among other problems.
I wanted to ask you if I might have TMAU? And in second place TMAU odor is constant or it can get out intermittently? I ask this because bad smell can come from my nose without having do any movement in my throat, or maybe it’s corporal but I haven’t noticed. I may stand next to someone without having reactions for a moment, but suddenly when I swallow or take a deep breathing there is a hand in the nose, a coughing, a bad face, etc.
I’ll be very thankful if you can help me, greetings to all
Of: sorry for my English
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