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SCH MP : Paul Blomfield

Postby PoetFire » Wed May 23, 2018 12:10 pm

Idea for anyone looking for ideas to write to MPs etc...
not a very important idea probably.

contact the Sheff Chil Hosp MP PAUL BLOMFIELD to get him interested in the TMAU test.

Tell him its the only TMAU test in the UK (so he should take an interest).
Ask him to visit and talk to them.
Tell him we have concerns that the new test method gives so many fewer positives than the old test method. (33%, now 16% ?)
Ask him to get the community to endorse the test method.

hidden motives :
get him to be a 'patron' of the 'frenemies of the SCH TMAU test' (non existent at the moment).

Currently SCH can set their own standard and ref range and do what they like.
With the new test, they have slashed the positives from 33% to 16%, and I really don't expect any new people, as most of us are probably GENETIC MILDS or OUTLIERS (which means smelling of fart/poo transiently). SEVERE cases are much rarer.

I think we need to get politicians to put pressure on the health system

Usually MPs only want letters from constituents, but his secretary did reply to me before (fobbed off reply).
Plus this is a national case, not local.

Just some random thoughts to try and shake up the health system attitude to TMAU.

This is not a template, just thinking out loud.

A better option would be to get more than one NHS lab to do the test, but they won't of their own accord.
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