PLEASE can anyone help me ?

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PLEASE can anyone help me ?

Postby Bling74 » Sat Nov 05, 2016 3:12 pm

Hi all please can anyone offer any help as I really do not know what to do any longer -

My work has become - unbearable comments aimed at me, behind my back, loud enough for me to hear it from co workers and the managers have now joined in again loud enough comments for me to hear - someone's farted, it stinks, what is that smell, it's discussing, why doesn't she do something etc. I was signed off work for quite a few months waiting for a referral to a gastro doctor at the hospital I had a breath test and a small colonoscopy (not sure if that it was it was called) not the full one just the short one where you don't need sedation, blood tests but nothing all is apparently normal, family members always comment and take the mick and laugh but again have never spoken to my face about this. Also having to go to shops or public places again comments, whispers,laughing, people holding their noses and discusted looks like you are some kind of unwashed tramp that cannot control themselves.

Went back to work but it's all 100 times worse so have been signed off again now my work is trying to force me to leave but I cannot discuss this with them as to what is happening as they are all joining in together but it's also going to be impossible to find another job as all people treat me the same. I have asked to sit where I am alone but they will not allow me to do this.

I cannot help this, I am a very clean person and cannot ever smell myself, doctors do not believe me and of course say the cannot smell anything but I'm at the end of the line now and just wonder if there is any advice anyone can give me ?

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Re: PLEASE can anyone help me ?

Postby Mermadia » Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:56 pm

Hi don't give up hope,you sound where I was at a few years ago,my boss was coming up with ridiculous reasons why I needed to buck my ideas up or I'd be sacked ,but seriously what to you have to loose pull your boss to one side and tell them ( whatever your comfortable with) write it down if easier ,you have just as much right as anyone else there ,they have no idea what you go through each day till they walk a day in your shoes,i know it's easier said than done but hold your head up high and f them shallow people,good luck
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