Is this TMAU?

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Is this TMAU?

Postby cat » Fri Apr 15, 2016 4:55 pm

Hello! I am new here and I didn't go through all the topics, so I'm sorry if there has been a similar topic.
I''ve been suffering from unpleasant BO for 9 years. However, during these years I've only heard people commenting on my smell like 5 times. I am not sure if the smell is always real and I am sure I don't smell all the time. This is what bothers me. I can go without it for months, I never smell when I am at home or with friends. Is this typical for TMAU? I've only asked my mother and my ex boyfriend so far, but they both said that I don't smell bad. And indeed, I've never emitted any smell while I was around them. Things only get bad during classes and sometimes when I'm in the public transport. I often smell that smell but I can't be sure if it's always real. I could be in a room, feeling that I smell bad and when I go out in the corridor there's no smell. I have a feeling that no doctor could help me and they would think that I am delusional (I don't think such condition is known in my country). I don't know what to do. I've suffered from depression, social phobia, anxiety (well who wouldn't have in my place) and these things could have affected my perception. I also have allergic rhinitis since I was a child and my nose is always full, but still I think my sense of smell is perfectly fine.
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