Can you smell TMAU on others?

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Can you smell TMAU on others?

Postby coffeebean » Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:02 pm

Hi everyone

I was wondering if you think/know TMAU sufferers are able to detect the condition it in others? I am in the process of being tested for TMAU at the moment and can't detect my own odour (it's faecal not fishy), but the other day a lady got on the underground and sat next to me and I strongly suspect she had TMAU. I could smell a strong fish odour immediately which faded after she got off, and was wondering whether anyone else has ever noticed the condition in others?

I also had a friend at school who I now realise had TMAU as she often had a fishy odour but I knew her before my own symptoms developed so I'm not as curious as to why I was able to notice her odour.

I'm sure there's a complicated scientific reason behind it but I find it odd that I can't smell myself but can smell others. Could it possibly be the difference in odour type? Curious to hear other people's views or experiences on this!

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