Hows everyone coping?

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Hows everyone coping?

Postby hopefullysmellfree » Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:45 pm

just a quick general question. How everyone coping with this? I'm not even diagnosed yet but i feel to buy all these supplmenents and try them anyway. The GP has been less than helpful and to be quite frank I've always been a happy kid until now. This is the first time i'm experiencing actual depression. I've lost all motivation to do things. It mostly hurts while i'm in the shower because I know deep down i'm going to smell anyway.

Hopefully the main reason the forum is inactive is because everyone has managed to find a way to eradicate their odour and are now just living their lives happily and unbothered. And I hope someday I can come back and say I've also done the same and can live my life.

Has anyone found supplements or a regime that's works to eradicate the odour?
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Re: Hows everyone coping?

Postby timid » Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:37 pm

Hi Hopefullysmellfree,
I havn't posted here in a while as i mostly chat with others on facebook called mebo, it's a secret group only for us, if you want to message me i can add you there.
I have not got rid of the problem btw, i still have ups and downs with it, but the group helps me know i'm not alone suffering this.
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