the looks and tmau

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the looks and tmau

Postby funny » Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:49 pm

Hello, i am a woman and my whole life ive heard i look pretty. But since the age of 12 my life was a hell, because since then i smell bad. I had everything, a lof of friends, good family and high scores at school. But when i heard constantly that i smell bad i became a different person, from a extravert happy girl to a unsure introvert girl. I was hating my life and still i do. Now at the age of 34 i still cannot accept this disease. I know i look pretty but because of the smell i am afraid to wear pretty clothes its just almost black so that people cannot see me. Because people say things like she is beautifull but she smells horrible or something. I cannot go out and party, i cannot study of have the job i wanted. And i am afraid for a relationship. i really dont know how to became the old me that was allways happy and extravert. This ugly disease make me a different person and make my life to a hell. I just cannot handle it and ps. I cannot smell myself. Thats why i am sure i have tmau.
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