4yr old boy recently diagnosed any advice would be great

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4yr old boy recently diagnosed any advice would be great

Postby Lorienlevi09 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:43 am

Hi there my little boy is 4 and has recently been diagnosed he also has a few other medical conditions, I was just looking for some advice really. Arlo is currently at nursery in a very safe environment but is due to start school in September. Arlo has a very very powerful smell that already people have started to comment on. My partner feels we shouldn’t tell people about it other than his teachers but I think perhaps educating the children as well as the teachers is key. Any advice would be really appreciated thank you so much x
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Re: 4yr old boy recently diagnosed any advice would be great

Postby admin » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:20 pm

difficult one.
My daughter is 11 and is carrier so may exhibit transient symptoms, I made her teachers aware and asked them to monitor, no symptoms yet.
I have not told her yet as I figured ignorance is bliss until she starts exhibiting.
Your case is (significantly) different, there is already an elephant in the room and my own opinion is that children (unlike most adults) may comment and prod at the elephant, even though they do this in innocent curiosity the perception of any comments or actions may be differently received.
I would be tempted to speak to the school head (As I did) and maybe ask the advice of education psychologist as to what is best for Arlo, my gut feeling is, (If I was in your position), would be for appropriate disclosure to the children (either with or without Arlo present depending on your view) via a lesson, assembly etc. but done in a low key educational delivery. If the children know the valid reasons then I think most will be more sympathetic than being in the dark.
Only my own thoughts, others may be chime in as well.
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