Wondering Whether I Have TMAU

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Wondering Whether I Have TMAU

Postby SadHuman » Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:55 pm

Hi everyone!
For about a year and a half my life has been absolute hell. I was sat in class one day after lunch when suddenly I started to get really bad reactions of an offensive fecal smell in the room. I couldn't smell anything and the reactions continued outside. I started to stress out, but I hoped it was just a bad day or something. The next lesson I got the same exact reactions so when I went home that day I made sure I was super clean for the next one and was pretty confident.
But it never went away.
Constant complaints about the smell everyday, anywhere I went tormented my life. For about a week I had no other symptoms and assumed it was constipation so I completely destroyed my gut with laxatives causing excessive gas, bloating and ill health. Like it was genuinely so bad I had to go the toilet about 10 times a day. I asked friends and family who insisted I didn't smell, but I knew I definitely did.
I started to think my IBS was causing the odor, but since no longer having it, I still have this fecal smell. Recently its been swapping around with fish randomly and I can never tell which it's going to be. I can sometimes smell the odor when its just started faintly for a few minutes or if I leave a room and enter not long after, but apart from that I can't smell ANYTHING and nor can my family who are adamant I'm insane which is driving me even more insane and depressed.
I no longer have friends or anybody to talk to. I can no longer go out. I feel hopeless for my future. I went on a train once and all people did was cough, cover their noses, and very loudly and rudely complain about the smell. There wasn't a moment I wanted to die more than on that bloody 3 hour long train journey.
Could this be TMAU and can IBS be a symptom of it? Thank you for reading through this, I genuinely don't know what to do anymore.
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Re: Wondering Whether I Have TMAU

Postby 11leonardo1974 » Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:59 pm

All I can say is you are not alone. I can exactly relate to what you are going through.
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