Do you think that could be TMAU or something else?

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Do you think that could be TMAU or something else?

Postby Nnomo » Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:38 am

I'm 25 years old, normal weight.
I started to notice that people covered his nose when they were around me, saying things that I would not repeat, but awful things, so that way I discovered I have fecal body odor.
The thing is I don't smell it, but I know I have this problem. I have had a sedentary live, and I have had a poor diet. I started trying to solve this problems because I though the smell came from constipation, in some way, I think it is, because the smell depends, it gets better o worse if I do exercice, I sleep well, I eat well or if I don't do anything of that. Sometimes, I feel swollen, but when I don't the smell remains.
I don't want to go to a doctor. When I discovered that condition of mine, I went to my main doctor saying that I had constipation, he only palpated my abdomen and told me that everything seemed to be working fine, and no other tests.
My question is: does the odor caused by TMAU gets better or worse depending on the habits, or it's always the same?
I do not dare to go and tell him that I smell bad, I don't want to say this to anyone, it's embarrassing enough having it, but I can not stand this situation anymore.
Do you think I have TMAU or not? What should I do?
Obviously, I have perfect higienic habits, or I wouldn't be here asking why this happens to me.
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