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Does this sound like TMAU?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:01 am
by needdiagnosis
Hi all,
I have suffered from this problem for almost 6 years now and doctors are struggling to find a cause.

My symptoms are:

- a constant bad taste in my mouth that isn't relieved by brushing, scraping tongue etc. - the taste worsens after a sleep or when I eat dairy
- a white coat on my tongue that builds up gradually
- bad breath when the taste is at it's worse - but day to day my breath has no smell (due to my good dental hygiene)
- a bad smell on the back of my tongue
- a very occasional fecal odour that is emitted from my body sometimes that I cannot detect (people ask whether I have farted, when I haven't)

I have been tested for sibo, h pylori, lactose intolerance - all negative. I have also had a tonsillectomy.

There is no body odour that I am aware of or smell in my urine, it is just the disgusting taste in my mouth and this occassional fecal odour - the odour seems to be coming out of my pores and not my breath .

Also my saliva has a bad taste to it 24/7, even when I have just used mouthwash.

Could this be TMAU?