Tested Negative for TMAU.

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Tested Negative for TMAU.

Postby smelly-girl » Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:16 pm


I was tested negative for TMAU.

Here are my results:

Urine creatine 13.0 mmol/L
Trimethylamine (TMA) 6.9 UMOL/MMOL creat (2.5-10.9)
TMA-nOxide 26.4 umol/mmol creat (17.0-147.0)
TMA/TMA-n-Oxide 0.19 (0.05-0.21

I didn't really do the test properly. I was supposed to collect a 24hr sample of urine but because I misunderstood the testing procedure, I only managed to collect the sample after one visit to the toilet.
I don't know if it would have made any difference.

I have noticed that since I have been following a low choline diet and taking charcoal / chlorophyll tablets I no longer smell so bad.

The Dr told me that I may have to do the test again but I am reluctant to do so because I have already started University and I don't want to smell around other students.
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Re: Tested Negative for TMAU.

Postby smelly » Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:50 pm


Have you tried just taking the charcoal and eating normally?

The charcoal should work equally on anyones odour whether its TMAU or not. The low choline / TMO etc diet should only help people with TMAU and would be a bad idea for anyone who definately hasnt got TMAU because you are restricting really important nutrients for no reason and possibly causing more problems.

Im sorry I havent checked your previous posts, but if you think you probably have TMAU specifially (rather than another similar odour condition) then maybe try and get another urine test and really load up on the choline TMO etc and time it for during menstruation so you have maximum chance of obtaining the positive result if you do have TMAU. I got a borderline/negative test result the first time, and after persuation they let me do another test (not 24 hour, just one sample taken at one 'sitting' as it were!) and it was very strongly positive for TMAU. I cant remember when the first sample was taken, but the second sample was towards end of my period and I have read that test readings are often more TMAU positive for women just before and/or during menstruation.

And check out this site http://www.meboresearch.org which gives great advice and links on odour conditions other than TMAU. There are loads of people who post who have similar symptoms to TMAU but they keep testing negative for TMAU. There is the possibility that they have a condition similar to TMAU, but the chemicals/foods they need to avoid are different to that for TMAU, so if you don’t know that you NEED to follow the TMAU diet, you might actually be eating MORE of the things you need to avoid for your particular condition. Its just something else for you to think about. ;)
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Re: Tested Negative for TMAU.

Postby smelly-girl » Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:39 am

Thank you smelly.

I'll try those methods. :)
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