I'm wondering if I have tmau

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I'm wondering if I have tmau

Postby loveto21 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:48 pm

Hello so I'm 19 years old and I'm wondering if I have TMAU. I personally really struggle with my breath and I'm extremely paranoid about it. I don't think that I have any body odor and that's never been an issue with me. I've gone throughout primary school, high school and the first year of college without thinking or being made to think that I have body odor. My problem is when I open my mouth. I am convinced I have bad breath and I'm terrified. I always notice people covering their noses or backing away from me when I speak. It doesn't happen all the time but I know I'm not crazy because why else would someone be covering their nose. I really think I smell. Throughout the course of my life I can point out a small number of occasions when someone has told me my breath is bad. For example once when I was little another kid said my breath is bad and my tongue is white, another time in high school a girl mentioned that my breath was bad and she offered me mint gum. Recently too my friend told me at a night club that my breath stinks (this was after lots of alcohol). It's not as if everywhere I go I have comments about bad breath but it happens every now and again.

Some days when I eat sugary foods I also get this awful taste in my mouth. It's bitter/sickly sweet and my tongue becomes yellow/white. I feel for sure that my breath is bad then. Could that be tmau? I feel like when my teeth and tongue are freshly brushed and I've had nothing but water and mild foods to eat and drink all day I'm alright and it smells fine, and if I chew some gum too then I'm okay but I feel like other times depending on what I eat or do I have really bad breath and some days I feel like I haven't eaten anything smelly and my breath is still bad. I also feel that my morning breath is horrible. When my mouth is closed for a long time my mouth tastes horrible and I'm sure my breath stinks then too because if your mouth tastes bad then it must stink too right? What could be the cause of this? What is going on with me?? Could it be tmau and how can I go about getting tested? Like I said I have no issues with body odor it's just the breath. I'm so self-conscious I can't even talk to people face to face properly any more, I always back away or lower my voice. I work in customer service which means I'm constantly closely interacting with people I don't know and no customer has ever said anything but sometimes I see them brushing their noses but that doesn't happen all the time.

I've been to the dentist who gave me a smell test and he said he couldn't smell anything and my oral hygiene is great. But that day I had just chewed sugar free gum so I feel he didn't catch me on a bad day.
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