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Postby EmptyCup » Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:44 pm

PoetFire wrote:Do you think this consultant is more 'community friendly' than Dr Lachmann ?

If you could get the DNA test done somehow, I would guess you carry 2 or more of the common variants or some other 'variant combo'.
They are taught this is still not enough to make a person 'potentially smelly', but I think they are mistaken.

you could maybe mention to the consultant the recent paper by Dr Wevers et al about new metabolic malodor suspect metabolites .... DIMETHYLSULFIDE and METHANETHIOL .... from a paper in 2017 ... ad-breath/

I have never been in contact with Dr Lachmann myself so I don't really know what he is like. I was under the impression that he was more 'community friendly' out of everyone and that's why everyone wanted an appointment with him. My experience/view of the consultant I saw is based only from this one appointment I had. It could change after further appointments. Hopefully not. Time will tell.

I will bring up the DNA test and article in my next appointment. I know you mentioned the DNA before my appointment but I think I was just so relieved about being able to do the 24 hour test that I forgot to mention it to the consultant. Thanks for the reminder.
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Re: My Appointment

Postby EmptyCup » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:15 am

I got my second lot of results.

I was praying, hoping, scraping the barrel for a miracle.

Didn't happen.

Negative. ******* ********

:( :x :( :x

Have appointment to see the consultant again. Hopefully I will be allowed a third test.

My figures were better than from my first test. I will post the figures at some point. I know I said that with my first set and I still haven't but there is a reason, I just can't say what the reason is.

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