Workplace Adjustments

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Workplace Adjustments

Postby crystal » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:21 pm

hello everyone :), I am a long term tamu sufferer although i din't know it but got tested positive for the condition in 2015 and have had an appointment with dr laccmann @ uclh in London. Over the years my symptoms have got worse and now affects all parts of my life personal, friends, family, and work life.

I have endured some god awful reactions and disrespect and rudeness from people i know well and colleagues or strangers it does not matter. The constant sniffing, coughing all day wherever I sit, walk or even take a breath someone is there to cough at it.

the isolation which inevitably comes is causing a lot of suffering.

I want to reach out as i wondered if anyone could share any advice and/or experience about how they have dealt with this condition in the workplace?

Does TMAU allow us to ask for any workplace adjustments? (e.g. working from home)

is it a good idea to discuss TMAU with your boss or colleagues? - what has been your experience if you have faced this situation?

How can we go about seeking help from GP's?
( my experience in the past hasn't worked but there maybe people who may have found a way to help gp's understand tmau? )

I would really welcome any form of advice as I feel I need to find a workable situation, my mental health and any hope/strength has been shattered and as time passes it gets worse.

thank you so much :)

crystal x
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Re: Workplace Adjustments

Postby hereshoping » Tue Nov 05, 2019 11:27 pm

Very interested in following this, I was recently advised by my therapist to confide in a colleague about the smells but I'm understandably terrified of sharing. I don't have a diagnosis, I just know that I stink and it's so bad now that it's disturbing everyone at work.
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