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Successful diet

Postby chrislobsta » Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:06 pm

I was diagnosed with TMAU, four years ago after suffering symptoms for well over 10 years. Following periods of intense frustration and despair I believe I’ve finally seen huge improvement in my condition because I have been following a low choline diet and taking good quality supplements from independent health food stores. I take a good quality probiotic capsule 50 billion mixed strain on an empty stomach every morning. I take two good quality 100mg B2 vitamins; one tablet with lunch and dinner. If I am eating something high in choline or, a food I consider risky I'll also take 600mg of activated charcoal at the end of the meal. I avoid all red meat including pork, sea fish and shell fish and I have ruled out all eggs, save for egg whites, which seem to be fine. I have also swapped cow's milk and cheese for goats milk and cheese as its a lot lower in Choline. I avoid food’s which contain eggs like fresh pasta and mayonnaise, though dried past is fine. I avoid soya and soya based foods, including soya lecithin. This emulsifier can be found in many varieties of chocolate and processed foods, yet it’s easy to avoid if you read the labels on products. There are also some great chocolate brands out there that don't use soya lecithin, such as Lindt and Montezumas milk chocolate buttons for those that dislike dark chocolate. Instead of red meat I eat turkey and chicken, consuming around 125g to 150g per meal. Turkey mince is great in a spag bowl and turkey breasts also make a great, healthy alternative to a bbq burger. Chicken sausages from M&S are also really nice. I eat most white carbs and I eat a mixture of vegetables and fruits as I believe this is important but tend to avoid the veg that is at the top of the choline charts like broccoli and asparagus. It’s easy to find more information by Googling 'choline food chart' to find which vegetables you like that may also be lower in choline like kale. I avoid beans and peas but chick peas and cous cous have so far been fine. There really is so much more out there than you think so check the choline charts and see how you get on in order to discover what’s right for you. I will admit it takes a little time but the research is well worth it, as once you’re on the right path you begin to feel as though you’re in control of your life once more. In addition to a TMAU diet plan, I also use a ph 5.5 shower gel and shampoo which is closer to your skin’s own ph levels. I have also found reducing my alcohol and coffee intake, drinking two litres of water per day and exercising regularly has been hugely beneficial.

It can be a challenge to try and break free from the negative thoughts that every bad smell is caused by you. Yet it’s vital to stay positive and above all rational. I have realised that most smells are likely to be caused by external factors, and contrary to what you think, not every one touching their nose or pulling a face has anything to do with you. One final thought, just remember we are a tiny speck clinging onto a rotating rock spinning in a vast universe and we are here for a very short amount of time. Live your life and enjoy!
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Re: Successful diet

Postby sweatybetty » Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:18 pm

Thank you for your post - helpful suggestions, balanced and encouraging.

I think it is really important for new people being diagnosed that they do not embark on extreme diets and posts like yours are very helpful.
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Re: Successful diet

Postby Sallybow » Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:10 am

Yes very positive and uplifting it's not the end of the world having tmau. Can you please name the brand shower gel and shampoo have tried sebemed and johnsons baby bath make me smell like washing up liquid :D
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Re: Successful diet

Postby Ruby » Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:58 am

Thankyou for such a positive post, can I second the use of vitamin b2 (riboflavin). Up until July this year I had been taking 100mg of riboflavin per day but I ran out and hadn't got round to getting more. Well, within a month I was having real problems,particularly around 'that time of the month''. The smell from me was stronger than I had known in recent times! Not taking the riboflavin is the only change I could pin it down to. Thankyou again for your positivity, it's what we all need.
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