Macrobiotic Diet or Fruitarian? Or Both?

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Macrobiotic Diet or Fruitarian? Or Both?

Postby PinkPanther » Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:45 pm

Hello :0)

I mentioned in my Introductory thread how I've been on a fairly strict diet since the beginning of January. I thought it might be useful to keep a log of progress here. I must preface this by saying I am not tmau diagnosed - so I'm NOT posting this as tmau advice for others to take. Just FYI. However, I have very similar symptoms to tmau (started smelling at puberty/not hygiene related/various smells depending on food - farm manure, fecal, cabbage, eggy, sausages, vinegary etc. I haven't eaten fish since I was about 18, but I smelled of fish when I did eat it). I didn't realise it at the time, but looking back I think I must have smelled worse around menstruation and had terrible PMS (or PMT as it was then). I'm easily stressed and this is also a trigger. If I don't have tmau, I have something very similar, I'm sure.

I'm vegetarian but in the last couple of years I've realised that I was unwittingly eating tons of things that are possible triggers like coffee, yeast extract, wholemeal bread, cheese, brown rice, beans, nuts, tofu and cruciferous veg. I stopped eating most of those and switched to white bread and white rice. Still got bad reactions from the public, though. And was still having cow's milk in tea. The trouble was I felt unhealthy eating white refined carbs and avoiding what I considered to be essential veg (broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc), beans and nuts.

Then I saw an old article on the Daily Mail's web site about Claire Rhodes which said she'd had success by eating only certain fruits and vegetables. So I was thinking about going Fruitarian and then I found my old copy of "Lick the Sugar Habit" and started on a modified version of the exclusion type diet in that book. I did 2 weeks of fruit and non-cruciferous vegetables, with an occasional rice or oat cake if I was really desperate for a bit of stodge. No dairy, no wheat, no processed foods, no sugar. I found on this diet that I felt quite lacking in energy sometimes, especially in the first few days (hence the introduction of rice cakes and oat cakes), but otherwise I felt good. No noticeable reactions from the public either when I went shopping, which was heavenly.

After the first 2 weeks I started adding in a bit more substance with more rice cakes, oat cakes and some ryvitas. Still no reactions. Nor did I get odd smells on my bath towel or under my metal watch strap, which I did before sometimes.

Yesterday it was almost exactly a month since I started this diet and I had a sudden craving for a Quorn burger sandwich (Quorn was my staple food for years), but instead of the sandwich I had the Quorn burger with a salad. Today I've had my first "risky" meal and my first wheat product: some spicy cous-cous. I won't be going out until Tuesday at the earliest, so it's not that much of a risk.

If I can continue like this, mostly eating fruit and veg with the odd bit of grain and Quorn when necessary I can live with that.

Just recently I've seen a few documentaries on the Wellbeing channel about people who've healed themselves from incurable conditions with Ayurvedic medicine or a Macrobiotic diet. I still think that the recommended tmau diet isn't very healthy and how can your body heal itself if it isn't getting the nutrition it needs? I don't want to be slightly less smelly but ill... :cry:

I'm still doing my research, but I'm wondering if a combination of Macrobiotic and Fruitarian would work? Macrobiotic contains a lot of grains and beans, which might be smelly, but then the fruits and vegetables might allow the body to clean itself in between the Macrobiotic meals? If the smell only comes when the liver is overloaded, then small Macrobiotic meals alternated with fruitarian days might allow the liver to catch up?

Or am I barking up the wrong tree? I'm going to try it anway and see what happens.

Any opinions? Pro or against?

I'm debating with myself whether to try and get tested this year for tmau or not. The thought of having to go out in public after eating a choline load fills me with FEAR, tbh. Plus I can't talk about this IRL without collapsing into a puddle of hysterical tears, which also fills me with horror. The only time I plucked up the courage to mention it to my doc, he blew it off completely (that was 36 yrs ago, though!).
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Re: Macrobiotic Diet or Fruitarian? Or Both?

Postby PinkPanther » Fri Mar 11, 2016 5:31 pm

I didn't keep up the Fruitarian experiment for long. I found it left me feeling weak and emotional. I had to add in some grains in the form of brown rice and oats, which made me feel much better. Wasn't getting much if any reactions from the public either when I went out, so that's a relief. When I feel desperately that I need protein I'll have a small amount in the form of half an avocado or small amount of Quorn (like one sausage or burger).

However, I was a bit whiffy yesterday, definitely* (see edit below!). The culprits were possibly Liv 52 tablets (although I've taken them before loads of times) or pumpernickel bread. When I bought the pumpernickel I didn't know there are two types: German and American. I only knew about German which is traditionally yeast and wheat free so I thought it might make be Ok and I was missing bread so much. Now I suspect it was American style and probably full of yeast, wheat, molasses and gawd know what else. Shame because it was nice. :D

I think if I stick to this diet I'll be at a level of B.O. that's not too terrible. The trouble is, as with all restrictive diets, that after a while you get complacent and/or frustrated and start adding in the old favourites that got you into trouble in the first place. I've had a few Quorn items, the odd very small piece of cheese and even a couple of beanburgers. I think if I have them in small amounts and space them out (say once on the weekend and once midweek) with very clean meals in between, it might be OK.

Re: The day I said I was whiffy: I've found out the cause. It was my T-shirt drawer. I'd put some washing away that must have been still slightly damp and it's made the drawer smell a bit woody and musty - and all the clothes therein as well. Duh.

As a general update, I'm being pretty good so far sticking to this diet and I'm having good results (I think). No comments or furious glares recently and nobody turning around when I join the end of the checkout queue (don't you hate that??). Another shopper even came up to me and asked where I'd found something in my basket and we had a little conversation about it. She didn't reel back in horror at any point, or have that shocked look they get sometimes. All good so far.... *touches wood*.

I've noticed very paranoid behaviour in myself though. I was walking outside yesterday and kept thinking everyone else was staring at me, even people driving by in their cars.
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Re: Macrobiotic Diet or Fruitarian? Or Both?

Postby justdontknow12 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:04 pm

Hi. Im in the process of being tested for tmau. (Sure i have it ) just wondering how your getting on with you diet
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