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Postby HenryVIII » Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:26 pm

I enjoy drinking healthy smoothies.... Fruits and veg etc
What would be the best ingredients for these?
Plus/ is beetroot a good choice?
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Re: Smoothies..

Postby PinkPanther » Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:40 pm

Hello HenryVIII :0)

Please note that I haven't been tested for TMAU, but do have metabolic BO, so this may or may not apply. We're all different.....

I used to juice fruit and vegetables and almost any leafy green veg or beetroot would have me stinking strongly of farts/boiled egg/cabbage type smells. Obviously juicing isn't exactly the same as smoothies because you tend to use a lot more produce to get the same amount of drink, also the smoothies still contain all the fibre etc., but it might pay to be cautious at first. If you can bear it, go ahead and experiment and see what happens. You might be fine, but if you're not you'll soon know about it :o

If you're thinking about the nutribullet type smoothies, then I've recently been doing these and have found romaine/cos lettuce, cucumber and celery to be safe greenery for me. A slice of fresh lime and a bit of fresh ginger are good too. I use these half and half with fruits and haven't had a problem so far. I've been too scared to try leafy greens because of the reaction I got from the juices before, but it might be different in a smoothie.

Don't forget that cruciferous veg contains indoles that inhibit the function of FMO3 and most leafy greens come under this category. Certainly Spinach, Kale, Rocket and Watercress amongst others, there's a good list on Wiki if you google cruciferous veg. Not good for TMAU.

As for the Beetroot, it contains a lot of Betaine which I don't know that much about, but it seems to have some connection to Choline, if I'm understanding it correctly. See this:

I used to love my veg juices, I was gutted to have to give them up, but they really made me reek!

Let us know how you get on, it would be great to have someone else's results to compare with.

What are you using now? (sorry, I misread your post and didn't see that you're already drinking smoothies, doh!)

This morning I had pineapple, celery, carrot, ginger, lime, lettuce and grape. It could have done with being sweeter, tbh. But I went out shopping today and didn't get any bad reactions.

I've also used frozen raspberries and mixed berries, kiwis and passion fruit. None of these have met with a bad reaction from the public, so I think they're OK.
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