Dutch Filmaker seeks volunteer


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Dutch Filmaker seeks volunteer

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Dear Sir/ Madam,

My name is Dirk de Bekker, I’m a Dutch filmmaker/ director. Currently, I’m working on a documentary about the societal importance of smell perception. During my research I came across the stories of several TMAU-patients. These stories, some of which feature on this Forum, have made a huge impression on me.

I would like to contribute to raising awareness about Trimethylaminuria in The Netherlands, by making the story of someone dealing with TMAU the main element of my documentary. However, it is a challenge to find someone who wants to share his/ her story with me. I don’t want to infringe upon the privacy of members of this platform by contacting them directly, that is why I contact you with my request:

Do you know of anyone who would like to contribute to a documentary for Dutch TV by talking about his/ her experiences with TMAU? Do you have any Dutch members on your platform? If not, of course I could also come over to Great Britain.

I work for the NTR, the largest public broadcaster of the Netherlands (https://www.ntr.nl/). As an organization, we make television features related to culture, science, the arts and important societal developments. I think sharing the story of someone with Trimethylaminuria on Dutch TV is something my broadcaster and I could do in a very respectful way, and could also be very valuable for the TMAU-community in The Netherlands.

Could you please let me know if you could help me with my request?

Thank you very much in advance.

With all best wishes,

Dirk de Bekker
Director NTR
0031 6 28 14 27 53
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Re: Dutch Filmaker seeks volunteer

Postby admin » Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:24 am

Here is a link to the documentary


many thanks to Dirk for making this;
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Re: Dutch Filmaker seeks volunteer

Postby admin » Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:25 am

Here is another Doc that Dirk made with a press release; (Translated from dutch via google)

September 18, 2018

"Hundreds of thousands of Dutch with untreated impaired smell '
Hundreds of thousands of Dutch walk around with an untreated odor disorder. This is because they are never diagnosed. In a broadcast wholly dedicated to smell, brings NTR-Science program Focus (Wednesday, 20:45 on NPO 2) the impact and scale of olfactory disorders image.

Kirsten Jaarsma, chairman of patients' Clean Smell Disorders suddenly lost her sense of smell after falling on her head. "I miss the smell of my husband, my children, I do not smell if I stink of sweat, but even if I leave the gas on." Although the impact of olfactory loss is big on safety and wellbeing, Kirsten had more than four years waiting for a diagnosis. The basic test to demonstrate an impaired smell, the so-called olfactory test, namely, is not performed by default, as is done with an eye test or ear test.

Dick Kooper, one of the few otolaryngologists specialized in olfaction, finds that people will often go without proper treatment. "The problem is much bigger than we think all together," says Kooper. He called olfactory loss as a major cause of malnutrition in the elderly. Sense of smell wears with age and thus is the taste away, so people eat less or no more taste when food is spoiled.

More depressive symptoms in olfactory loss

The social impact is underestimated Kooper: 'The number of depressive symptoms in olfactory loss has been proven more than people with hearing or vision loss. " In most otolaryngologists this is not known. When asked how much time in his ENT was olfactory disorders, Kooper replied: "One to two hours to five years."


Focus brings the impact of smell on the screen with Cris who suffers from a rare metabolic disorder Trimethylaminuria, better known as the visgeursyndroom. For the first time makes a patient with this condition openly her story on television. A genetic condition Cris can not degrade some nutrients. This left her body odors. The disease takes a heavy toll on her life: "They're mostly all bad smells: manure, cigarettes air, trash, poo smell, so that's not pleasant." Cris describes how she is regularly sprayed with perfume when they travel by train, or how people hold their hands over their mouths when she walks by.

Years of waiting for medical help

Although Cris has a completely different flavor than Kirsten problem, there is one striking similarity. They also had to wait years for medical help. The reason for this pick scientist at us the importance of scent and smell underestimated for years unjustly. But according odor researcher Jasper de Groot 'we can smell some things even better than dogs. " Partly from his research shows that people sweat, sweat happiness, sex, sexual arousal and disease can smell unconsciously in others. Focus presenter Elisabeth van Nimwegen corroborates the strength of our sense of smell with sweat experiment and found that the nose deserves more respect.

"When you stink and smell nothing," Wednesday, September 19th in Focus, 20:45 am at the NTR on NPO 2.

Story Cris:



The story of Kirsten:


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