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Postby flower » Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:33 am

you said that maybe our body is trying to tell us something, ....this made me think...
We are all high sensitiv persons and in a way spirituel oriented most of all on the forum I notice....

The influence between body and soul and social life ...

It is just a theory....

Maybe when we are acting less empowerment and taking care only of the others not ourselves and don t come up for ourselves....

Some destined people can have problems with digestiv system with high bacterial overgrowth.....

It is just an influence like :

stressfull people and going over their limits can cause hart attack

when you dont let see your emotions or don t left your emotions by sport , by artestics by ...can cause cancer.

About cancer and about hart attack this is proven.....maybe there is also something what has his influence on digestiv system (tmau 2 maybe can be created, but I have serious thougts by chrohn also something like stress what has his influence on degestiv system.....

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Re: chaos theory and butterfly effect

Postby idealist » Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:02 pm

Hi Flower,
I agreed with what you said ("We are all high sensitiv persons and in a way spirituel oriented most of all on the forum I notice....") Do you think there is a connection/reason why most of us on this site think more deeply than others? If so what does it all mean? Why are we all connecting and finding similar patterns within our lives apart from odour? I have a theory but maybe you already have one too. Maybe we should do a post on it?

I also agree with you about the body and soul and social life but don't forget the mind. The mind is what seeds ideas then the body responds and acts out the desire of the mind. When the body has acted on the minds wishes it then can affect a person’s social life.

The mind thinks he is protecting the human and the body thinks she is helping the mind and then social life/ our personality plays out the idea of the mind (to protect us from harm). Unfortunately With every action there is a reaction....(all part of the chaos theory and butterfly effect)....................

In other terms are mind thinks we are in danger of being harmed or we could harm others (with our insights, words, true strength etc).... So he/we use external influences (food, drink, lies, self pity, fantasy, negative thoughts and shame ...) to block people out. Our body feels this and she is confused because she only wants us to feel good and healthy. But nevertheless she creates problems (health wise) because she wants to cooperate with our mind. The body hopes that the mind will change his mind soon when he realise that we are in pain . This is all necessary process in the stage of spiritual development. We need to change, remove ego and identify on a higher vibration. We should all try and get rid of the negative beliefs about ourselves because they are not true. These beliefs are only holding us back.

On a lighter note you seem more confident and relaxed (I am happy for you). You have a very gentle soul..... :D

I am not going to be on the forum/website as much :( I am going to focus on self healing, my education, training and new work opportunities. I am ready for change! . :D ,

I will try to write a post from time to time but this forum is becoming crack....! I will also send private messages. Make sure you look out for my post in mid-late January 2011 in the working topic (I think you will be interested!)

I hope you keep writing because I enjoy your posts. xxxxxx
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Postby flower » Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:06 pm

Hi idealist,

What is the way you will follow, what is your age and what are your intentions....I am very interested in it....
You must not answer when you don t want at the moment, you have given me all the answers that I need for accepting this, now there is the following step,
I think I am going for a change too but I will some higher dimension in life, Maybe I will write it some day....

this is really interest me which way you will follow but I know that you must follow your inspirations now because you are on a high level...
I mean that you have very much to offer to people , you must do what is in your intention.

I think I have some intentions too, I have some writings but I am not going to post on, maybe later....
I don t want to change, but in a way I feel that I am going to change , maybe I am lucky again or maybe more lucky than I am at the moment,
who shall say it ? ....

Good luck with your inspirational intentions
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Re: Hi flower

Postby idealist » Mon Dec 27, 2010 6:16 pm

Hi flower,
Hope you are enjoying the holidays?
I have posted you a private message; let me know if you do not receive it. x
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Postby flower » Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:32 pm

Hi idealist,

Things are going well.
Have a lovely Christmas time with family and friends.
I am happy my family and best friends are treating me as before
but I don t see my friends everyday
We meet each other time by time
Only few friends know that I have this
At the moment I am feeling down a little
Think eating to much make me feel tired.
But I am going to fight to reduce the odour because I want to keep my job...
That is my intention.
I want my life back
and I want it better
I want to be more than I was before
I want to have a real place
Not a place of a shy woman
but sometimes I feel down
I feel I am ready to have more confidence in myself...
and at the same moment I have to struggle with the fact
producing an odour when I have my periods or eating to much or to wrong
I want to go out and be with friends all the evening and all te time...
but sometimes I just stay home thinking the others dont really need me
Think I can have lot of friends when my odour is less
I am determined to fight and look for solutions and things will going better....
but I don t know where to start
The only treatment I had was the antibiotics and I have a prescription for probiotics
but I am doubting which shall I take
Maybe I must take natural products too...

On my office there are people changing jobs
Sometimes I think maybe it is because of me...
but I dont want to think like this anymore
Only thing I want to do at the moment is fight and don t give up

...I will see the way it brings me...
I will just giving things a chance. I don t want to give up my job
without giving a try
When I feel collegues really don t want me I will consider this but
I don t consider this only by thinking what others thinking...
that make just no sense
Only changing when I really feel they can t bear me at all

...I wish that I had a treatment and I just follow this and everything
is at least going better than before...
...but with the Christmas day I have eaten to much...

Starting to eat healthy again....

Today we went shopping with good friends ... it was nice...
but I hear some people complain of odour in the shop...
It must be me because of all the wrong foods I have eaten with christmas day

That moment I feel ashamed and hope my friends don t know this
but we are friends a long time so they know me for long time and they
do not say I am smelling...but I can just notice on myself last time that I have an odour

I am going to make an appointment with my gynaecoloog to discuss things because
maybe there is an influence with hormons.

A friend of mine give me info about gyn treatments which can help me.
I will set the information on the forum maybe.

So things will going better.
Thank you for thinking about me idealist,
Hoping things going well for you too.

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