Why we should be happy in our lifes

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Re: Why we should be happy in our lifes

Postby kittycat » Fri Dec 31, 2010 1:54 pm

A very happy, and healthy, new year to all the members on this forum. And thanks to all, for the support in 2010. It's been life changing for me :D ....I hope to get to a meet up in 2011, and hope Blu will come too. Any other nervous newcomers can huddle with us.... Wotcha say Blu?
Flower...I don't think the allicin is doing much so far, but my diet over Xmas has been digusting by any standards :( Have to get back to work soon, so that'll make my willpower stronger. Last night I was dreaming that I was searching the house for a dead mouse, and woke up with my nose next to my right palm. My palm was smelling like a long dead mouse! Goodness knows what the feet are like, but I can never detect anything. I think it goes 'off the scale' for me to smell, but not for other people sadly... You sound so much happier, and making positive plans for next year too :D Good luck with those.
Lyndsey....Idealist was right, you are an angel. Good luck with the exams :ugeek: and thanks for all the laughs and support. Lets hope that Blu is happily riding his new Suzuki this summer...???(Bet his mum doesn't tho!)
I'll be, feet on partners lap, cats fighting for place on my lap, (which makes me a sad-o technically) but will raise a glass of bubbly to you all at midnight. love from kittycatx
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Re: Why we should be happy in our lifes

Postby magsie » Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:11 am

Happy New Year everyone, lets hope 2011 will be a better year for us all.
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Re: Why we should be happy in our lifes

Postby lyndsey » Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:10 am

Thank you from me as well for all the support and laughs given I dont know at times what I would have done without it. As have able to get rid of negative feelings that at times goes hand in hand with this disorder and you are all so caring understanding that have been able to discuss things that wouldnt dream of telling other people in my life. On a more positive note may love and happiness be the core of our lives in 2011, because personally I feel I have made lifelong friends they say your lucky to meet five true friends in your lifetime, well this forum is full of lovely positive people no matter what adversities thrown your way you still come out smiling. Keep smiling and being who are because it has been very much appreciated the difference you have made to my life.

Thank you kittycat for the lovely comment thats what I think of you too laughter the best medicine and you certainly know how to make us laugh.

Happy 2011 to you all and much love and hugs

Lyndsey x
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Re: Why we should be happy in our lifes

Postby magsie » Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:13 am

----HAPPY NEW YEAR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

On January 1st lots of people will make a resolution,
whilst people on here would rather have a solution,
Maybe we'd also like to give up smoking, or lose weight,
but if everyone could gain odour control that'd be great,
We could wish to win the lottery, become a millionaire,
but the most expensive perfumes don't always improve the air,
people should respect we've got a medical condition,
which may or may not be improved by nutrition.

HAPPY - that lovely emotion is what I want to feel,
a walk in the park & watching/reading comedy can make it real.

NEW - think new starts & an optimistic 2011

YEAR - 365 days to fill - yes for most of them you'll be at work, school
or college, and you've got home life & chores to do. But do plan
to take time out just for you.
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Re: Why we should be happy in our lifes

Postby BLUEY » Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:39 pm

Magsie, bless you you have such a kind and caring way with words.x

Flower, hope you are well and good, im working on things my end and seem to be making some progress but thank you for your concern.x

Lyndsey, glad you are great that is lovley to hear. Even though you may be a wee stessed, keep focused i see great achievements and great things for you ahead, glad those remedies are working for you keep up with them if they are benefiting your well being, if you combine that with positive thoughts focused mind and a will of iron there will be no stoping you in 2011. Im getting there seem to be settling down abit now will just keep at it and im hoping to come back even better in 2011.x

Kitty, How could i let you down we shall meet in 2011 at some point it would be a pleasure, and anyone else who is nervous and would like to be apart of a meet it would be my honour to stand strong and proud with any off you, who ever needs the supprot i will see you well alrite and that's a promise. I will be whizzing around again in the summer kitty on a new suzuki its to much of a passion of mine not too, will give you a preview of said bike sometime once ive chosen her. You do make me laugh and have got it so right about mum not being over happy about it lol. Still like i say better to be doing things and worth while causes you beleive in with some conviction than something half hearted (even if it can be slightly dangerous lol lets us know we are alive!).x

To all of you who i have met and have the pleasure and honour of calling friends, hope you all had a great new year and that you have a good start to 2011 may your year continue that way and i sinserely hope you all have a great 2011, bless you all ive never met such wonderful, in depth and people with such beautiful souls in my life. Im so humbled to be in your company and support, if i can ever give back what you have given to me or be there for any off you if you needed it, always remember you have a genuine friend here for you all!

Keep strong within and focused my friends no matter what, remember who you are and what you want from your lifes, you all deserve the best from life more than any other and i wish that so much for you all.

Much love, and loads and loads of massive hugs to you all.

Bluey.x x x x
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Re: Why we should be happy in our lifes

Postby beautifulsoul39 » Fri May 01, 2015 12:04 pm

Just been reading all these uplifting posts ,your definitely right allways do more of what makes you happy having just come back from a funeral it was beautiful hearing all the great things about their lives people were,laughing no one mentioned any negative things life was celebrated xlife is full of beautiful opportunities
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