If antibiotics help us, is Mastic gum perhaps usefull?

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If antibiotics help us, is Mastic gum perhaps usefull?

Postby noturbo » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:04 pm

Just a thought really. As im sure we all are, i'm constantly racking my brain and researching on perhaps usefull natural treatments for our condition. Natural remedies are obviously usefull to us, usually much better in regards to side effects and we can get hold of them ourselves without having to persuade unhelpfull D.r's we're not crazy lol. Anyway i've been trying to pin down whats causing my terrible garbage/fecal bo and breath odour. I first thought it was due to Candida or H pylori. Infact i'm still in the process of finding out stage. Still taking Terbinafine, and actually have an H pylori breath test tomorrow morning. During the last few months i've tried many different diets and supplements with mainly pretty dissapointing results. I did however maybe notice a difference when I used a gram of Mastic gum twice a day for just 2 weeks. I did this as its known as a pretty potent natural antibiotic and usefull in erradicating the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria from the stomach. As i've been learning, antibiotics are possibly helpfull to us with TMAU for doing this same job, and killing bacteria in our gut(obv replacing with a probiotic regime) but it occured to me. Antibiotics have many troubling side effects, plus there is the problem of it soon becoming useless and ineffective. As Mastic gum is known for being such a strong and effective antibiotic, that targets gut bacteria too, would it maybe be a good option for us? I'm pretty sure it would be safe to use, if not indefinately, almost certainly more tolerable than prescribed antibiotics. Maybe taking a gram in the morning and a gram in the evening for 2 weeks out of the month every month would work. Obviously combined with a good probiotic ofcourse. Im not taking it currently so not to dissrupt the H pylori breath test results. But no matter the result. I now pretty much know, it's either h pylori or TMAU. But like I say, whichever way it goes i'm going to include Mastic gum in my treatment. I will update this thread with my diagnosis, treatment options and obviously any results, positive or negetive. Id appreciate any tips, advice or opinions on my thoughts. Sorry if its allready been discussed or whatever but i'm new to the whole TMAU thing and have only really known much about it, or thought I may have it for literally a few days so im sorry for my ignorance, lack of knowledge etc.

Hope you are all feeling as well as possible :D

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Re: If antibiotics help us, is Mastic gum perhaps usefull?

Postby Mirabelle123 » Mon May 08, 2017 10:13 am

Hi Noburto,
I know it has been a while since you posted this thought regarding Mastic Gum. I am new on this forum, in the process of trying to get tested for TMAU but have been living with the awful sydroms of whatever the condition for a very long time.
I have to say I have never heard about Mastic Gum and (thank to the internet) I went on and read about its properties. I definitely agree with you that it could be safer than traditional prescribed antibiotic to use, especially in the long term.
I have not be prescribed anything, but I know that my stomach pretty disagree with a course of them for whatever the infection I eventually get in winter month, usually Amoxicillin...
According the reaction of my interlocutors, I might suffer from quite a heavy breath too, and that is another area that the Mastic Gum seems to cover and take care of. I have seen chewing gum form on ebay and will surely order soon. Also good at removing plaque apparently! 2 in 1
I know Mastic Gum can be bought from H&B, a bit pricey but seems to be around the same price online.
Now, a question for you though, you might have done some tests, have you been using M Gum again, what kind of outcomes did you get?
I apologise if my text is not relevant to you anymore.
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