Live Blood Test - Budwig diet and biomagnetism

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Live Blood Test - Budwig diet and biomagnetism

Postby Suzie » Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:23 pm

Hi all..

I haven't posted on here for ages...but I just wanted to share with you something that I believe has made a huge difference to my symptoms recently. I write it with a massive health warning as I don't think it will work for everyone - I know one person who's tried it and it hasn't worked. All our symptoms are so different that I don't think there's a one solution cure for everyone...but if it works for some of you then I'd be delighted...

I did something called a 'live blood test' in February this year via a clinic that specialises in in Marbella in Spain which specialises in rare diseases/disorders as well as treating cancer naturally (recommended via a friend who knew someone with a rare disorder who was treated successfully there after years of getting nowhere through conventional doctors) Details in the link below: Dr Hilu's treatment philosophy, research and approach makes lots of sense to me.

Rather than looking at the symptoms, the clinic instead analyses a dry sample of your blood to diagnose the problems - you send a sample by courier overnight to their lab.

The report from my blood test was very interesting - lots of coincidences with my symptoms...IBS? Poor gut flora, poor gut permeability, poor metabolism of proteins, poor enzyme function, liver problems, high toxins, slow lymph...the list went on!

Following my blood test, they recommended that I follow the Budwig diet plus a long list of supplements and some alternative treatments (many to do with oxygenation of the blood). I can't afford to travel to Marbella for the treatments but have found an amazing lady in London (in Holborn) who does one of the treatments - Biomagnetic pairs - which I've did about 5 sessions of in total. Info on the science is on

After initially feeling very sceptical about the magnets - it sounded pretty crazy.... I read more about the treatment and it's actually really interesting and makes a lot of sense to me particularly with regard to my symptoms. Funnily enough the lady I saw picked up on several problems at my sessions - some problems with the thymus gland (immune system) and the liver and spleen. And a weak left side of the body (again she thought because of poor oxygenation).

Anyway since I started the diet and the magnet treatment in March my symptoms have reduced dramatically. I have gone from several episodes a week which were like stink bombs going off in a room - mostly fecal (80% of the time) also many other weird and wonderful smells - burning, fish, rubbish, rotten eggs, marijuana (!), overpowering BO, rubber, deodorant, cheap perfume...the list was endless..but the main problem which caused me so much stress was the toxicity of the odour and therefore the extreme reactions from people around me.

Since the diet and the magnets it is happening much less often - average of 1-2 times a week now and most importantly it's much less in terms of the power of the odour. Now I feel I can manage things, my job and my life so much better simply because the reactions are so much less. My confidence is coming back and I no longer spend 90% of my waking hours stressing and panicking about whether something's going to happen.

Regarding the Budwig diet there are several versions of it on the Internet from very strict to less so. I definitely follow a liberal version of the diet and eat chicken and fish (first time I'd done that in 3 years - that was a lot of fear to overcome!), all vegetables and just avoid the list of prohibited foods.

I find the Budwig diet so much nicer to follow and so much healthier than all the other diets I've tried. The low choline diet never worked for me and I also found it made me really miserable as it was so unbalanced and horrible. The cornerstone of the Budwig diet is blending 2 parts flaxseed oil with 4 parts quark (or cottage cheese) which I eat every morning for breakfast with blueberries or fruit. It's not delicious but it's not disgusting either and easy to make. I now eat 3 meals a day again after about 3 years of not eating all day because of work. I feel like a different person and like I've got my life back finally...

I've been suffering from this still unknown condition for 4+ years now and I've had some incredibly low points in my life. I don't actually think I have TMAU as my symptoms are such a variety of odours. I just don't think there's a name for what a lot of us have got. It was so refreshing to be looking at things from a different angle (my blood) rather than TMAU / my symptoms which doctors know very little about and really don't have any idea how to treat - even the so called TMAU specialists!

Anyway...I wanted to share my experience with you all just in case it can help someone. I know how debilitating and torturous it is to live with day in day out especially when it seems like there is no solution.

If you'd like to ask more please feel free to PM me.

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Re: Live Blood Test - Budwig diet and biomagnetism

Postby Lisa » Tue Oct 06, 2015 11:16 am

Hey Suzie,

Just read thru your post, I will look into the diet and testing more when I have time.

Pleased things seem to be improving for you, I hope this continues.

Keep us posted won't you?

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